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Discover the transformative synergy of forest bathing and psychedelics for a deeper connection with nature and improved well-being.
Allowing Eros in our hearts and bodies probably will not happen in the midst of traumatic or life-threatening situations. However, as soon as possible after the emergency passes, the body and psyche need the comfort and healing salve of Eros.
Is there a connection between Kanna and intimacy? Explore its role across relationships, enhancing connections with authenticity and empathy.
Drug tests are never fun, but there are things you can do to ensure a passing test. Read on for all of our tips on how to pass a drug test.
Experience a recap of this unique blend of EDM, art, nature, and cannabis at this year's Northern Nights Music Festival.
Enjoy Bicycle Day with the Spread Magic Experience, a unique LA holistic workshop and rave event.
Changa is a smoking blend of DMT, ayahuasca vine, and a medley of other herbs. This guide tells you everything you want to know about changa.

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