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Amplify your Halloween film experience with Reality Sandwich's curated list of horror movies perfect for a psychedelic twist.
It’s movie night! When you’re in the mood for a little extra amplification, check out our top ten movies to watch on shrooms and enjoy a smorgasbord for the senses.
Want to grow your own mushrooms? Our guide has everything you need to know before buying a mushroom grow kit, including supplies, cost, and reviews.
From ancient traditions to modern delights, hookahs are enchanting smoking devices meant to be shared. Discover the latest technology in hookah culture.
Discover the magic of the Peach Music Festival 2023, where music, art, and psychedelic culture collide.
Wanting to switch up your trippy music vibes? Reality Sandwich brings you a fresh MixTape each month to take you on a trippy musical journey.
Ketamine therapy is on the rise in light of its powerful results for treatment-resistant depression. But, what is the current standard of care for ketamine? Read to find out.
Forbidden Fruits, written by Joscelyn Godwin, is full of ancient secrets, psychedelic rituals, and hallucinations. Exclusive peek here!
Jackee speaks to board-certified psychiatrist and neuroscientist, Dr. Dave Rabin about touch, safety, boundaries in navigating stress.
We explore the traditional role music plays in ceremony, the science of music, and how to create the perfect playlist for your next trip.

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