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Inner Worlds, Art and Sacred Plants

The worship of nature may unite us more than anything else and allow us to overcome doctrinal discrepancies that are relatively unimportant if considered from the perspective of human culture as a whole.


Eshu and Ananse: Liberation by Subversive Knowledge

Since he
exists at a perpetual beginning, it is possible that for the trickster no
initiation is complete. Humans must be shaken out of ego-bound myopia. Centered but open
to fresh energies from the bush, society must be provoked to reinvent the

Pablo CoverA

Pablo Amaringo: Ayahuasca Visions

[RS Portfolio] • A gallery of never-before-published paintings by the renowned artist, with an essay about how he became a master painter of visions by Dennis McKenna. 


Psychiatry Almost Drove Me Crazy

In its initial stage, a
spiritual awakening can look like a nervous breakdown. My experience was so off psychiatry's
map that it wasn't even remotely recognized. I was immediately labeled
as sick.


Mind Games

John Lennon realized, then propounded, that the only barrier to our living in a better world is agreement that we are committed to it.


Are We Possessed?

Far from a thing of the past or an ignorant superstition, demonic possession and evil spells, in our technologically developed society, are an increasing danger. C. G. Jung has given us modern terms for these very real states, uriging us to make exorcizing ourselves "the most vital task of civilization."