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Inhabiting The City of Refuge: A Talk with Starhawk

Starhawk’s “City of Refuge,” sequel to her best-selling post-apocalyptic tale “The Fifth Sacred Thing,” answers the timely question: how do we build a new world when people are broken by the old? I spoke with Starhawk about what inspired this sequel, science fiction books, and how to get inside the minds of different characters.


Enchantment, Post Halloween

This year’s calendar juxtaposes the treat, Halloween, the most enchanted night of the year, with the most disenchanting, dickish trick of the year, daylight saving time, where government bureaucrats get to act like time lords…

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Psychedelia in the Movies

As someone who took LSD whilst training as a film student, I was often struck by the notion that the sheer magnitude and pan-dimensionality of the acid experience could never be even remotely contained within the circumscribed parameters of film – but at the same time I understood the irresistible urge to try nevertheless.