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As we seek to experience our primal/cosmic natures, the imagined solution may only be compounding the problem. If the (ab)use of entheogens were decimating our own individual "biospheres" and preventing us from having full access to our faculties, this would exactly mirror the ways in which our disconnection from the environment has affected the Earth's biosphere.
Unlock the secrets of Psilocybe subaeruginosa: from its habitats to identification. Stay informed on cultivation, potency, and look-alike species.
Want to grow your own mushrooms? Our guide has everything you need to know before buying a mushroom grow kit, including supplies, cost, and reviews.
Understanding shamanism, the history, background and present day shamanic practices, including how to find the right shaman.
In a ceremony, everything matters and we attend to every detail. As we approach ecological healing with a ceremonial mind, more and more becomes visible for our attention.
The world of Eclectic Medicine and of Emerson reinventing Thomas Taylor to inspire Americans had come to an end, although it would see rebirths in places like the Philosophical Research Society and movements like the New Age of the 1980s.
You probably won’t be finding any of this in your Zen master’s upcoming teishos, but it is nonetheless worthwhile to get caught up on recent neurological studies of meditation and its impact upon the brain.
It is ironic to me that this master plant, which is often referred to as a mother or grandmother, is so commonly served by men who have trouble with sexual boundaries when it comes to their female clients.
Animals, plants, and even inanimate crystals tune esoteric information by their nature and placement in the universe.

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