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Revisiting The Scole Experiments

In 1993, four psychic researchers embarked on a series of experiments that would produce what some believe to be the strongest evidence supporting the existence of an afterlife. For many, the phenomena presented will forever be, as SPR member, Tom Ruffles puts it “impossible to accept all of it, difficult to reject some of it.”

psychedelia in the soviet union

Psychedelia in the Soviet Union

Thirty years on from the dissolution of the USSR and its orbital socialist states, the Western world clings tightly as ever to balm Cold War platitudes and beliefs about the drab daily existence forced upon millions of people behind the iron curtain. Though rough-hewn and tightly regimented even by our contemporary standards, was living in …

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the brains psychedelic system

The Brain’s Psychedelic System

Naturally-occurring psychedelics co-evolved with us. Rather than acting to scramble our brain activity in some chaotic way, psychedelics actually activate a pre-existing pathway in our brain.  Psychedelics do this by connecting to the serotonin 2A receptor, also known as the 5HT2A receptor. Why do psychedelics do this and what is this pathway for?  Does the DMT …

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