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Shamanic Initiations

shamanic initiations

What is a shamanic initiation? Who can become a shaman? What is the responsibility of a shaman? All that and more in this article.

Jesus Christ: Psychedelic Superstar

jesus superstar

With evidence of psilocybin mushrooms present throughout early Christianity, is there reason to believe Jesus was a psychedelic superstar?

Meet the Meet Delic Vendors


Meet Delic 2021 was the premiere psychedelic wellness event dedicated to public education and de-stigmatizing the psychedelic conversation for a mainstream audience. Meet Delic brought together a collective of entrepreneurs, health and wellness experts, psychedelics and medicine enthusiasts earlier this year in Las Vegas at AREA15. Meet Delic vendors and keynote speakers helped guests learn […]

Best Books on Psychedelics and Consciousness

best books on psychedelic consciousness 2

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced psychonaut, it’s never a bad idea to look into psychedelic literature to help expand your mind before you start to explore it. Here are recommended books that everyone should have with them to help plan their next trip. Beginner These books are great for those who are new […]

Exploring Creepy Psychedelic Art

artists on spooky psychedelic art

Journey with us as we traverse the vivid contours of consciousness through the stunning landscapes of psychedelic art. Far from being simply an explosion of bright colors and intricate patterns, this mesmerizing art form is a window into the human psyche, a reflection of the mind-altering experiences inspired by the mystical world of hallucinogens. Born […]

Ancestral Psychedelic Therapy Using Ayahuasca

ancestral psychedelic therapy using ayahuasca

South American indigenous cultures benefit from their ancient healing traditions surrounding plant medicines like ayahuasca. As more research explores ayahuasca as a tool to mitigate suffering, future generations may have the ability to harness ancestral psychedelic therapy to transform their cultural and familial wounds. Traditional Amazonian practices operate with an entirely different set of principles […]

What Would Happen if We Legalize All Psychedelics?

what would happen if we legalize all psychedelics

From the jungles of the Amazon to the desert expanses of the American southwest, indigenous cultures have long harnessed the power of psychedelic substances for their healing and spiritual properties. Today, western cultures are re-investigating the potential benefits of psychedelics, after the decades-long hiatus following the mass illegalization and criminalization of drug use at the […]

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