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Remembering Fantasia


Walt Disney’s Fantasia reimagined music as a motion picture of innovative animation. This article explores the imagination, history, and making of Fantasia.

Inside/Out: Our Top Ten Trippy Movies

Inside/Out: Our Top Ten Trippy Movies

If you’re looking to have a movie night, our staff put together a list of trippy movies that we love. Here are ten trippy movies for you to choose from.

Santa was a Mushroom-Eating Shaman

santa shamanX

Santa Claus exists in many cultures, and his roots are not only pagan. The original Santa might have been an amanita muscaria mushroom shaman.

Psychedelia in the Movies, Part 2

Psychedelia in the Movies Pt2

Once the late ’60s boom in acid culture and acid cinema had dissipated, the psychedelic movie became another component of the fringe and the experimental, something to recur and be revived at intervals, a pattern that continues into the present.

Psychedelia in the Movies

PsypressUK 15

As someone who took LSD whilst training as a film student, I was often struck by the notion that the sheer magnitude and pan-dimensionality of the acid experience could never be even remotely contained within the circumscribed parameters of film – but at the same time I understood the irresistible urge to try nevertheless.

Pluto and the Death of God

Pluto cover1

Pluto appeared as the Roaring Twenties gave way to the Great Depression and the world marched toward Auschwitz and Hiroshima. Already in 1930, those who cared (or dared) to scry the forces at work behind the scenes could feel the rising heat.

A Gate-Crashing Journey at Joshua Tree


Through many years of yoga practice, I had developed an easy talent for accessing unusual
realms of consciousness. Yet I was aware that another set of tools existed for such attainment. Could eating hashish enable me to — as the song by the Doors put it — break on through
to the other side? 

Tryptophantasia: a Talk with Kaliptus

Kaliptus profile

On February 13th at the Wild Project in NY, the animation artist Kaliptus presents animation from a group of psychotropic video artists at an event he calls "Tryptophantasia." Kaliptus is a self-described exorcist and bringer of paradise through v…

Bad Boy Nietzsche: A Play

Nietzsche (Ph 5)

Friedrich Nietzche "is a man who sees the darkness, where other people think there is a light still shining." The story begins with the philosopher collapsing when he sees a horse being beaten on the street, and explodes as characters identified as the Child, the Cruel Man, and the Beautiful Woman enter the scene. The full text of this "mesmerizing tragicomic fantasia of a play" (The New York Times).

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