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Finding Our Pole Star

Today the Moon conjoins Jupiter as she ascends across the ecliptic. A day of faith, hope, and the re-visioning of what powers we serve and why.


Climbing Kayford Mountain: Finding God & Facing Ecocide in West Virginia

We saw the beauty of God's glorious creation unfolding before us in all its dramatic magic. From the same site, we witnessed unchecked human greed in the grotesque mechanical destruction of divinely created peaks. I can't claim any moral high ground; I am using coal to compose this piece on the war raging in Appalachia.

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Finding Farming

Fears of peak oil and economic collapse are pushing people towards a life of self-sustainability.

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Finding Peace Between Our Sheets

What if one of the largest problems plaguing romantic relationships on the planet is so simple, so subtle, that it can happen 2 or 3 times in one night? In this RS interview I talk to Peace Between the Sheets author Marnia Robinson about why she believes orgasm addiction is responsible for relationship dis-eases.