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A Guide on Legal Highs

a guide on legal highs

For as far back as anyone can remember, drugs have been a part of humanity. However, for many even achieving a cannabis high legally has been difficult given the regulations around it. As the war on drugs seems to be approaching its end, with many states decriminalizing and legalizing various substances, there are still many […]

Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions of Use Welcome to! Please note that our sites (including “” and “”) feature content about psychedelics and other related substances. Psychedelics continue to be evaluated by scientists for medical and mental health applications. However, the manufacture, sale or use of these substances generally remains illegal under U.S. federal law, state […]

Artistic Independence and Social Media: Interview with DIY Multimedia Icon Jean Smith


Feminist multimedia artist, singer, and writer Jean Smith – best known as the singer in the iconic underground rock band Mecca Normal – quit her part time job to sell her paintings online. As she shares her latest paintings on Facebook, she allows her fans to follow the rapid evolution of her work. This is the second in a series of interviews with artists working through Facebook to reach audiences.

Lucid Dreaming Machines

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The first lucid-dream machine was created in 1983 by English psychologist Keith Hearne, and there have been numerous attempts to create similar devices since then.

Our Bodies: Makers of Meaning


It is impossible to draw a hard boundary between our physical selves and the world. No longer fixed by the boundary of the skin, we can understand ourselves to be permeable, changeable, responsive to the thoughts in our minds.

Counterclockwise: When Biology Is Not Destiny

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A recurring temptation in psychology is to consider the latest discovery as something final. What could possibly lie beyond mind-body unity? This attitude is deadly, particularly when we already possess the building blocks for a nonlocal view of consciousness

Plant Intelligence

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The deep intelligence possessed by plants has been explored and discussed by many people of note over the past several centuries. Nevertheless, their research and findings have usually been dismissed.

Skywriters in Hades (Pt. 2)

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The discovery of mirror neurons marks an Archimedean point (a God's eye
view) from which all human knowledge can now be rethought and all our
models of reality must be reformulated. The reason, in simple language,
is that mirror neurons present us with a solid scientific basis for
telepathy, and the existence of telepathy changes everything.

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