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The Benefits of Living Food

Let’s start by addressing an incorrect assumption about food. It’s an assumption that was never really questioned until the twentieth century — that cooked food is a normal and natural part of a balanced diet.

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High on Health: CBD in the Food Supply

CBD is a molecular component of the cannabis plant. If just 10% of what research doctors are now saying about CBD is true, then this is a discovery with significance similar in medical impact to the discovery of antibiotics. Soon you will hear doctors (not just cannabis physicians) advising their patients to “exercise, and get your CBD.”


Superfoods, Superherbs and Super Immunity

When the body has too much to deal with, it stops being able to get rid of its waste efficiently. Fortunately, our immune system can be improved and empowered. A great surge of research is showing that within an empowered immune system are the health solutions and longevity answers we’re looking for.

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Food Myths Debunked!

Food MythBusters draws attention to the real story about the
food we eat while debunking widely accepted myths about our food system.


Food Prices Soar

World food prices have risen to near record heights, which will perhaps instigate a mass movement towards minimizing waste.


Food on Drugs

For the first time ever the FDA has exposed the large amount of antibiotics used in factory farm animals.

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Healthy Food, Healthy Thought

Today, I witnessed a trauma that happens every day in Bayview-Hunters Point, San Francisco — a Superfund toxic site, a modern-day ghetto where people have to travel miles to get fresh vegetables. I ask my students at Willie Brown Jr. Academy, "What is food security?"


Food Security for the Faint of Heart

Switching to organic can give you sticker shock, but when you're paying the farmer to do it right, you reward and contribute to respect for real food and the environment. Here are some ways to eat better on a budget.