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Enter to Win Free Schedule35 Microdosing Products Are you interested in exploring the benefits of microdosing, but not sure where to start? Look no further than Schedule35, a leading provider of premium microdosing goods. And now, you have the chance to win a selection of their top-sellers in our exclusive giveaway! To enter, simply fill […]

Treating Hypoactive Sexual Disorder With MDMA

how mindcures desire project aims to treat hypoactive sexual disorder with mdma

There are a million reasons to occasionally not feel in the mood. This can include everything from work stress to feeling tired, and everything in between. 2020 was the literal definition of a dumpster fire, and 2021 hasn’t shown much improvement. Life has been a lot lately, and it’s understandable if the thought of getting […]

Left Brain vs. Right Brain: Which Side is More Creative?

left brain vs right brain which side is more creative

Humans—more so than any other species—have transcended the baseline goals of survival, allowing for the blossoming of complex societies, innovative technologies and philosophical theorizations. But what makes humans—opposed to their closest primate relatives—so well equipped for creative advancements? The answer lies above the shoulders, inside the protective bone casing and within the bumpy contours and […]

Ketamine’s Culture In Psychiatry

ketamines culture in psychiatry

Lithium, Zoloft, Prozac, Clozapine and Risperidone. Modern medicine mainly views psychiatric conditions as organic diseases to be treated by molecular means. There is no doubt that taking pills can save lives. Countless people have been successfully treated by such methods, but given that these practices often come with some pretty weighty side effects, is it […]

Endometriosis and Cannabis

endometriosis and cannabis

Endometriosis has left doctors at a loss for how to help the millions of people suffering. Is cannabis the answer?

Are Psychedelics Addictive?

are psychedelics addictive

Psychedelics are powerful and effective substances. However, are psychedelics addictive? Read here to find out.

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