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Gateway drug, to what?

The steps in several states and countries toward cannabis legalization implies a release of the mentality of control: interdiction, punishment, and psychological conditioning.


Confronting the Void We Avoid

Comedians can expose what is normally hidden. A recent example of this comes from Louis CK, who says “Underneath
everything in your life is that thing, that empty… forever empty.” Viktor Frankl called it the existential vacuum.

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Living in the Infosphere

The new, pervasive communications media have pushed us into what mystics have called the etheric realms. Without proper tools and preparation, we can become trapped in a maze of electronically magnified addictions and fears. We must call upon the protector archetypes as we embark on our cyber-shamanic initiation.

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Pain: A Call for Attention

Why does it seem that we modern adult human beings repeatedly do things that cause ourselves pain? Because we are such strangers to ourselves that we aren't aware of what hurts. Part 3 of the series "Miracle of Self-Creation."

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The Miracle of Self-Creation, Part 2

We think we know what feels good,
but we do not, because we rarely pay full attention to even to pleasurable feelings. The first step in self-creation is
to become truly dedicated to our own pleasure.

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Finding Peace Between Our Sheets

What if one of the largest problems plaguing romantic relationships on the planet is so simple, so subtle, that it can happen 2 or 3 times in one night? In this RS interview I talk to Peace Between the Sheets author Marnia Robinson about why she believes orgasm addiction is responsible for relationship dis-eases.