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The Gold Standard, Chemical Weddings, & the Journey of Zero Distance

The heroic journey usually entails a quest for an object of
highest value. In spiritual language, the object is
enlightenment. In alchemical terms, enlightenment is the recovery of our
true "stellar" nature, the real gold, an "undivided mind." It is more than just a poetic metaphor that the unearthed gold which completes this transformation is sourced primordially in the cataclysmic union of

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Monsoon of Himalayan Mushroom Gravy

Crowds of Nepalese are caravanning to remote Himalayan meadowlands in the cool springtime after the snow melts. The aim is extracting one of the most precious commodities on earth: a fungus in the peculiar form of a caterpillar.


Sexedelic: Tantric Healing Through Psychedelics

When it comes to the human experience, few things are as alchemically powerful as sex and the ingestion of entheogens.  The combination of these two is like adding rocket fuel to the body electric. Used safely, it can blast you to luminous stratospheres of healing, intimacy, ecstatic states of consciousness, and yes, heart-opening, body-quaking orgasms.


Psychedelic Sobriety: An Interview with Peter Bebergal

In his memoir, Too Much to
Dream: A Psychedelic American Boyhood, Bebergal's interviews with psychedelic luninaries and his reflections on personal experience form the basis for a historical study of
psychedelics in American culture, providing a unique perspective on how popular culture affects what has in the past been the sole domain
of sacred ritual.


Foxes and Reptiles: Psychopathy and the Financial Meltdown

We must
be aware of psychopaths when we design
financial structures. Since psychopaths are a force of nature we are unlikely to
eliminate, we should harness their unique talents to serve the socially
useful purpose of catching other psychopaths. We need a
highly motivated team of clever reptiles and foxes to catch other reptiles and

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The Singularity Archetype and Human Metamorphosis

The Singularity Archetype is a resonance, flowing backward through time,
of an approaching Singularity at the end of human history. Since the
Singularity Archetype is a ubiquitous hologram, you don’t have to see it
through my eyes. It is like a mote
of light you can see reflected in the eyes of multitudes.


The Ascendance of Psychotic Knowledge

We have
entered a period of epistemological chaos. The true condition of our
world, indeed the very nature of our phenomenal reality, including
agreement regarding the meaning of knowledge itself, is completely up
for grabs. This has led to the rise of a new
and unprecedented kind of discourse, which can be categorized as
psychotic knowledge.