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What Do You Do If You Get COVID-19?

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We’re all taking the necessary precautions, but what happens if you get COVID-19? A respiratory expert gives us some tips on what you can do.

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Terms and Conditions of Use Welcome to! Please note that our sites (including “” and “”) feature content about psychedelics and other related substances. Psychedelics continue to be evaluated by scientists for medical and mental health applications. However, the manufacture, sale or use of these substances generally remains illegal under U.S. federal law, state […]

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Uniting Shamanic Healing and Western Medicine

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Western medicine attempts to clear the weeds from the garden by spraying chemicals or nipping the leaves and stems above the surface. The shamanic healer, by contrast, searches for the emotional and spiritual roots of the illness and pulls them out from the ground.

Distracted Doctoring and the iPatient

The term “distracted” doctoring does not adequately describe healthcare providers who habitually use electronic devices for non-medical purposes during patient care. These doctors, nurses, and technicians aren’t distracted by outside happenings; they’re purposefully deciding to interact with Facebook friends or Twitter followers instead of the patient in front of them.

The Reality of Faith

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At any given moment I can find a good reason to believe that this world is dominated by hate and evil and unaccountable violence. I have learned that in order to survive, I must cultivate my faith in the existence of unique, personal, and unconditional love and support available for every individual to personally experience at any time.

The Lemon Juice Syndrome and the Hunger Games

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Americans who, under the rubric of conservatism, oppose nutrition assistance to children also tend to deny the looming devastation of global climate change, the human costs of an inept healthcare system, the negative consequences of a constricted view of consciousness, and the dangerous costs of denying biological evolution. This is very troubling.

How Silicon Valley Became The Man

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Has the rise of information technology and the expansion of what was originally the military-industrial complex substantially improved our lives? The jury’s still out on that.

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