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Book Review: ‘This Is Your Mind on Plants’

this is your mind on plants

Just as Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax speaks for the trees, writer, gardener and nature enthusiast Michael Pollan sheds light on the intersection of plants and the individuals and societies around them. His writing educates the reader on how the silent photosynthesizing majority influences and inspires their human counterparts. As 50 years of federally mandated drug […]

Best Strains for Productivity and Focus

best strains for productivity and focus

In the quest for the best strain for productivity and focus, we’ve taken a look at some popular strains for productivity and focus, according to the cannabis community.

Hallucinations 101

hallucinations 101

Hallucinations can occur for various reasons and in different ways. Drugs, medications and mental illness can all cause delusions. They can be treated by a medical professional once the reason for the illusions is determined. Let’s explore how hallucinations are generated and how to treat them.  What Are Hallucinations? Hallucinations are experiences created by the […]

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