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Explore how Julia Mande is pioneering a new approach in the psychedelic space, balancing indigenous rights with ethical business practices.
Discover the transformative power of breathwork: unlock vitality, healing, and self-discovery. Explore techniques, benefits, and practical tips. Breathe deeply and live fully.
We’ve tested the best the market has to offer to bring you the list of best THC drinks available. Find out why we like them and where to buy them.
Discover how the Orot Healing Retreat aids Nova massacre survivors on their path to recovery through community and therapy.
Uncover the profound link between the default mode network and psychedelics, exploring consciousness, healing, and self-discovery.
Learn about using niacin to detox or flush your system before a drug test, and whether or not it’s an option for you. All the niacin drug test details here.
A Reality Sandwich interview with author and psychedelic psychologist, Charley Wininger.
Alice introduces the newest mushroom chocolate to their lineup: Happy Ending. Find out how it works to stimulate arousal and increase pleasure.
Explore the benefits, usage, and scientific backing of turkey tail mushroom, your ally in boosting immunity and supporting cancer recovery.

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