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Blue Ringer Mushroom Guide

RS Featured Image Blue Ringer Mushroom Guide Featured

Discover the psychedelic wonders of the Blue Ringer mushroom in our detailed guide. Learn about their potency and dosage and how to identify them in the wild.

What Is the Penis Envy Mushroom?

penis envy mushrooms

Don’t be jealous of this large phallic mushroom. The penis envy mushroom is one of the most popular psychedelic fungi out there.

An Evening With Hamilton Morris

Hamilton Morris

On a warm spring day, March 28, 2023, I found myself once again making the trek to the city of Angels. As part of the Reality Sandwich editorial team, it is my mission to always be at the forefront of psychedelic culture, whether that means ingesting psychedelic substances (for the science of course) or taking […]

The Science of Psychedelics & Spiritual Medicine Conference

Science of Psychedelics & Spiritual Medicine Conference

Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of psychedelics and spiritual medicine? If so, mark your calendars for the upcoming Science of Psychedelics & Spiritual Medicine Conference, taking place in Phoenix, AZ from April 28-30, 2023. Over the course of three incredible days, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the world’s top doctors, […]

Bicycle Day: The Discovery of LSD

Bicycle day

Every year on April 19th, psychonauts join forces to celebrate Bicycle Day. Learn about the famous day when Albert Hoffman first discovered the effects of LSD.

In Pursuit of Safer Highs: Harm Reduction with DanceSafe’s Rachel Clark

harm reduction

Since at least prohibition, anxiety has governed America’s disastrous relationship with substance use. As the 20th century increasingly saw anti-drug sentiment used to fuel moral crusades from “saving the children” to quashing perceived threats against whiteness, “Just Say No” became the mantra of a culture that neither understood addiction nor possessed the language to interrogate […]

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