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This woodland-loving mushroom is a mouthful! Found out where to forage this tongue twister of a mushroom and how to identify it.
This guide covers what you need to know about Colorado River Toad, including common effects and uses, legality, safety precautions and top trends today.
Scapegoating/shadow projecting is itself a violent act of self-mutilation.
If we don’t come to terms with what wetiko—which can be conceived of as a virus of the mind—is revealing to us, nothing else will matter, as there will be no more human species.
When I met the GZA, I spoke with him about my idea for an article comparing his and RZA's birth charts. The resulting investigation aims to delineate the astrological principles reflected in the struggles and strengths of these two most notable MCs.
Humanity plays a key role in the repair and restoration of the world. The purpose of evil is to provide a context for humanity's redemption, which puts evil, humanity, and God himself in their proper places within the cosmos.
The transition to sacred economy is part of a larger shift in our ways of thinking, relating, and being. Economic logic alone is not enough to sustain it. As we heal the spirit-matter rupture, we discover that economics and spirituality are inseparable. On the personal level, economics is about how to give our gifts and meet our needs.
When I ask people what is missing most from their lives, the most common answer is "community." But how can we build community when its building blocks- -- the things we do for each other -- have all been converted into money?
To the alchemists, creating the philosophers' stone was analogous to waking up to the dreamlike nature of the universe. Becoming lucid in the waking dream is seen as a reflection of God's ongoing creation of and incarnation into the world.

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