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Can you get naturally high without the use of substances and find inner piece even during times of uncertainty? The Buddist think you can with meditation.
This year 700 students in Philadelphia high schools will gain objectivity on the thought process and de-stress as they learn to focus and let go.
Corporations are using mindfulness to null out pervasive problem of stress in the business world.
In the gradual path many meditative approaches offer, effortless mindfulness is considered an advanced practice. However, I contend that it can be just as easy for beginners to learn as deliberate mindfulness.
Discover the transformative power of breathwork: unlock vitality, healing, and self-discovery. Explore techniques, benefits, and practical tips. Breathe deeply and live fully.
A Reality Sandwich interview with author and psychedelic psychologist, Charley Wininger.
Whether you are taking a solo journey or spending a weekend in ceremony, knowing how to prepare for a psychedelic trip is invaluable to the outcome.
Discover the transformative synergy of forest bathing and psychedelics for a deeper connection with nature and improved well-being.
Explore the world of Kanna in our comprehensive guide. Discover its unique benefits for mental, emotional, and physical health, and what brand we recommend.
Explore transformative psychedelic retreats in Spain. Experience self-discovery and growth at Acsauhaya, Rejuvyn, and Avalon in serene, supportive settings.

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