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Gambhira Lila

To understand the play of surface events in the world — whether social
and political upheavals, natural cataclysmic events and gradual shifts
such as climate change, or unpredictable and uncanny events in one's
personal life — it is necessary to understand the deep play of the
Supreme Intelligence that underlies and pervades reality.


Healing from the Heart: The Meaning of Wholism in Medicine

Yin and yang, dark and light,
square and round, masculine and feminine interact, intersect, and
intercourse to comprise the cacophony of life. The seasons describe the phases of
emergence, flourishing, gathering, and storage of yang, of vital warmth.
As holographic microcosms of the universe, we cannot maintain health
apart from this natural cycle.

Darwins Pharmacy

The following is excerpted from Darwin’s Pharmacy: Sex, Plants, and the Evolution of the Noösphere, available from University of Washington Press (2011). If we recognize the plant as an autonomous power which enters in order to put roots and flowers in us, then we distance ourselves by several degrees from the skewed perspective which imagines …

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Shamanic Transference

To deny or distrust our own perceptions is to reject our authority as author of our own experience. It takes courage to stand for our experience when our perceptions are not validated by others. In not disassociating from our experience, we are on our way to becoming autonomous individuals.


Pinchbeck and Dharmanidhi: Bridging the Divide

Last week, I attended the Psychedelics and Spirituality debate between Daniel Pinchbeck and Dharmanidhi. Putting aside the issue of psychedelics, what was more intriguing to me was that there seemed a persistent gap in their conceptions of evolution and change. Given their shared emphasis on doing good and maximum benefit, how then do we reconcile the divergence?


God the Imagination

When the alchemists had a living experience of God through their relationship with the imaginatively created philosophers' stone, they realized that the whole experience was nothing other than an experience of the divine imagination, which is to say that they were realizing that they themselves were living inspirations of the divine, creative imagination itself.

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