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Wondering what to get your favorite cannabis enthusiast? This gift guide has you covered with Reality Sandwich's own staff picks!
Sekhmet has reawakened, her devotees say, now when the world most needs the truth and justice Sekhmet represents. We were interested in finding out what Sekhmet's devotees are experiencing, so we interviewed twelve devotees from around the world.
Alex Grey is the first major psychedelic voice since Aldous Huxley and Alan Watts to return the conversation about psychedelics back onto traditional mystical grounds.
Imagine a world where abandoned McMansions become sustainable intentional communities where people, by sharing their resources, skills, and work, find congenial social lives and the time to work on whatever dreams drive them.
Lately I've been fascinated by the idea that there is no such thing as an original source energy, no awakening to oneness or singularity that we are returning to, and no evolution toward any spiritual destiny. What if these ideas were merely the psychic residue of displaced religious dogmas and an outdated scientific model of the universe?
I had come to the High Desert Carnival Realm with a magical agenda: to ritualize the experience by associating the Incendiary Person with aspects of myself that I wanted to transform, aspects I linked to Thanatos, the death drive, so that the burning would parallel my intention to transcend. 
In 2010, I released a album called "Squat the Condos!" Little did I know, two years later, a world-wide movement would emerge that addressed many of the points raised on the album. Occupy has unleashed the warrior spirit of everyday people. This spirit destroys what is no longer necessary, fights what is oppressive, and builds what is now needed.
An Interdimensional Traveler must have a moral purpose, and must be aware of all the shrinking rays that press upon us. The price of freedom for the Traveler is eternal vigilance about the sticky enchantments that would like to bind us to the Babylon Matrix and turn us into hordes of automatons and hungry ghosts.
A zendo with zafus for meditation and chanting is not the same brand as a lodge hall with quartz crystals and circles for conducting séances.  But theosophy and Buddhism are both running subtle energy. 
The mental constructions of ego and desire have long been essential to our existence. And yet, as the Buddha realized 2,500 years ago, these basic constructions cause a lot of pain. The needs most fundamental to our biological makeup are also the ones which tend to cause the most suffering.  Is there another way?

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