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Jupiter is finally perfecting its square to Pluto today. Here's what to watch for...
Mars is perfecting its square to Jupiter today. Here's what to watch for...
The Sun and Saturn are perfecting their opposition tonight and tomorrow.
Our new moon cycle begins with Jupiter and Uranus perfecting their opposition once again.
I caught up with Tom Robbins to hear more about the musical adaptation of one of his novels, and found him as nimble as ever as we wound up in a wide-ranging conversation about storytelling, God, creativity, language, laughter, and politics. What follows is Part 2 of a 2-part interview
Today's astrology features a New Moon in Taurus, plus the entrance of Uranus into Taurus!
Jupiter and Uranus are finally perfecting their opposition today. Here's what to watch for...
Mercury and Uranus are finally perfecting their conjunction after several weeks together.
The Jupiter/Uranus opposition is perfecting today. Get out your cosmic popcorn for 2017!
Rather than just enhancing current human thinking skills, is the neurosingularity (the idea that future human brains will surpass ours of today) also likely to increase the kinds and number of our brain-based information systems? How might psychedelics contribute?

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