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Radiation-eating fungi have been found feasting around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Fungi may be able to solve yet another wasteful problem.
The fourth in my series of interviews about artists using social networking to find their audience features Lauren Over, Obey Clothing designer, poster artist for John Legend's urban gardening documentary "Can You Dig This," and creator of the food foraging multimedia book and project "Sidewalk Superfoods."
For almost twenty years, the lives of the Wayanas has turned into a nightmare. Like other Indians living in Guyana, they are the victims of unauthorised gold panning and the invasion of illegal immigrants attracted by the gold rush.
Allowing Eros in our hearts and bodies probably will not happen in the midst of traumatic or life-threatening situations. However, as soon as possible after the emergency passes, the body and psyche need the comfort and healing salve of Eros.
How did we start the intelligence explosion that anthropologists call the "human revolution"?
Today we're privileged to have more senses, reaching into more dimensions, moving faster and farther than life has ever gone before.  Our modern myth of the origin of the eye gives us a rhetorical lens through which to see ourselves.
Savants show us that it is possible to access transpersonal aspects of consciousness that are currently denied in conventional science. Are the occasional strobe-like bursts of insight, creativity, and epiphany that some people experience reminders of what we are capable of?
One of the world's quintessential activists, Pete Seeger has had an epic life, full of amazing contributions to our culture and politics. But he is also a modest soul, dedicated to getting audiences to join in and sing along at his performances. An inspiration to generations of musicians, I visited him just before his 90th birthday at his home overlooking the Hudson River.
In contrast to many Euro-American aya fans, who fetishize the otherness of the Amazonian shaman, Beyer does not characterize the Amazon's techniques of religious ecstasy as archaic residues free from any contamination from today's globalized world. The culture of ayahuasca is both stronger and weaker than that.
A green sea slug is the first known animal to effectively produce chlorophyll and photosynthesize like a plant.

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