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Resurrecting Sophia: John Lash Podcasts

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Hear Lash chat with Joanna Harcourt: "If we can develop Gaia theory in a Gnostic perspective, we have the best chance for a course correction on the planet today."

Guide to Magic Mushroom Strains

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Are there different types of psilocybin? Read our guide to learn about the different magic mushroom strains and their individual effects.

Ifetayo Harvey Profile

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Countless communities and families are victims of punitive drug policies around the world that criminalize substances and the people who use them. The stigmatization of drug use perpetuates policy that continues to disproportionately affect communities of color. As the psychedelic renaissance begins to unwind the knots of legislation and cultural messages that keep drugs and […]

Advancing the Psychedelic Renaissance

advancing the psychedelic renaissance

Over the last decade, there has been a psychedelic renaissance penetrating mainstream culture. No longer used in only indigenous settings, people are using psychedelic drugs for a myriad of reasons. Whether looking for spiritual expansion or physical and mental healing, psychedelics may be the key to a part of human evolution. And perhaps they have […]

How to Best Talk About Psychedelics

How to best talk about psychedelics

Thinking about coming out of the psychedelic closet? Read here to learn about the different topics on how to talk about psychedelics with family and friends.

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