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Jackie told me about the teas she grew, about her homemade jams and boysenberry wines, about the shiitakes she'd planted on a pile of logs, about the rainwater she harvested. She pointedly described permaculture as "the things your grandparents knew and your parents forgot."
What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana? Does hemp show up on a drug test? Find out here, plus our best recommendations for how to pass any drug test.
In this earnest defense of the recreational use of LSD, the author argues that recreation and therapy often overlap, challenging the stigma against non-medical psychedelics.
The market for underground psychedelics is alive and well. And it’s evolving to be packaged and presented as seemingly normal packaged goods.
Drug tests are never fun, but there are things you can do to ensure a passing test. Read on for all of our tips on how to pass a drug test.
From ancient traditions to modern delights, hookahs are enchanting smoking devices meant to be shared. Discover the latest technology in hookah culture.
Thought loops, or getting trapped in the same chain of thinking, can be really challenging especially when on LSD. Read here to learn more.
What is the origin of Christmas? Why do we place a star atop of the tree? Read to learn just how these ancient traditions surfaced overtime.
Long before humans gentrified towns, psychedelic dinosaurs roamed the earth. Learn how dinosaurs may have tripped on the daily.
Historians have gone to great length to decipher hidden secrets that may reveal the use of psychedelics in the Bible. Read on to learn more!

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