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My Meeting with God, or Enlightenment Porn

Enlightenment porn comes mainly in the form of books whose centerpieces are stories of the authors’ enlightenment experiences. In hushed and reverent tones, the author tells you how he became one with the universe. The story is intended to make you lust after an experience just like the one you’re reading about.


Seeing into the Unseen: A Personal Journey of Discovery

Encountering aliens, communicating with dolphins, conversing with angels – these confrontations with the unseen worlds can seem outlandish or delusional. Until it happens to you. Now these once subtle, hidden realms are rapidly emerging into greater human perception, and provide us a clue to our planet's true destiny.

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History Lessons with His Holiness: The Story of Tibet

Journalist Thomas Laird spent three years in Dharamsala with the Dalai Lama, interviewing him – and arguing with him – about the vast span of Tibetan history. The book that emerged from their conversations, The Story of Tibet: Conversations with the Dalai Lama is at once intimate and far-ranging, a unique combination of oral history and journalistic mission.

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