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Shamanic Healing for Body, Mind, and Soul

In shamanic healing work there’s a difference between what you truly need versus what you think you need or want. Surrender to your helping spirits; let them assist you in the way that is best for your healing process.


Awakening the Shaman

Accelerate your spiritual evolution with the live, interactive video
course, "Awakening the Visionary Shaman: The Shamanic Breathwork Process™ with Linda Star Wolf." 


Jain Nuns in New Jersey: Mobile Ascetics, Mobilizing Jainism

The Indian diaspora is huge, in the US alone, there are estimated to be over two million Indian Americans. For the past three years, two Jain nuns from Ladnun, Rajasthan have been
traveling to and residing in Iselin, New Jersey to teach and live as
spiritual advisors within a diasporic Jain community.


Proper Conditions for Magic: The Shen Tao Approach to Dance

In this age of decreasing physical activity and overworked
brain activity, how do we come home to ourselves in the most efficient and
effective manner?  How do we train intensively without self violence? 
In this interview, Bill Hedberg discusses the Shen Tao approach to
physical conditioning.

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Discovering Your Dance

In Brazil, on a journey into nature using Butoh dance and improvisation as a way to experience paradise with all senses, we learn that performance stimulates the will to live and a longing to allow the rumbling of the universe to enter one's body.