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Addiction, Climate Change, and the Psychology of Recovery

Any analysis of addiction in the wake of global climate change would benefit greatly from considering what we depend on in order to maintain our civilization. As we grow into a more holistic understanding of addiction and we awaken to the redundancy of the war on drugs, perhaps we can grow in our capacity to develop more sophisticated psychological frameworks for mending our ecological crisis as well.


A Species Recovering from Amnesia: A Talk with Graham Hancock

Plato says that at one time Atlantis
was a wondrous civilization, but it angered the
gods through its arrogance, pride, and
cruelty. The planet, which itself is a god, responded to this by striking
Atlantis down. Our civilization today looks very
much like the next Atlantis. But my point is, it doesn't have to be that way. We have choices. 

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Occupy NYC’s Recovery

As New York City deals with the aftermath of superstorm Sandy's devastation, the speedy, collective efforts of Occupy to create a grassroots relief operation have been nothing short of impressive.


The Recovery of the Human

It's possible for a relationship between people that passes through a machine
to avoid being a relationship of compulsion and control, but it takes work. The more that human life
and interactions are defined by machines, the more difficult this tends
to become. It is crucial that we rediscover the possibilities of our own humanity.

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