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Weaponizing a Spiritual Vocabulary

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An excerpt from Tony Vigorito’s third novel, “Love and Other Pranks”: “You’re very good at weaponizing a spiritual vocabulary,” Lila responded, holding her gaze brazen. “But the truth becomes false when spoken by a liar, doesn’t it?”

The Hollymont Haunting: As Good As It Gets

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When one of your cases finds its way into the National Enquirer you generally know that one or both of two things have occurred, either the case was unique or you’ve made an error in judgement.

Intuition and Acupuncture


I had always dreamed of writing full time, but instead of being able to delve in with
complete focus, I developed a pattern of procrastination and
self-loathing. There was something missing. A voice was whispering, just beyond my
hearing. Then I had a cathartic realization
that there really are doors of perception.

The Electric Jesus: Prologue

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“Had you told me a few years ago that I’d be here in Austin tonight
talking with all of you about Jesus, aliens, and ayahuasca, I would have
laughed my ass off.  As a cynical secular materialist, I scoffed at
anything mystical.  I thought only direct political action made any real
change in the world.  As you may have guessed, that perspective has
been turned on its head.” 

I Am… We Are… It Is: Burning Man’s Radical Vision


Burning Man’s founder explores how it can be a wild party on the one hand, and the most public-spirited city in America, on the other. The essential cause of this is the giving of gifts. A gift economy is founded on principles that are diametrically opposed to those that dominate our consumer culture.

Exile Nation: “A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing”

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The author is approached by a spiritual teacher and healer who invites
him to the woods of Maine to hear an interesting proposition, after which he heads to Boston to lead the protest movement at the Democratic National Convention, and finds a city under military occupation.
We return to Boston for the explosive conclusion to the DNC protests,
and then journey back to Maine to decompress with Wolf, with unforseen

Souldish NYC: 4/9-30

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April Souldish events include, the Horned Ball with Kostume Kult and Reality Sandwich,
Hofmann’s Dream a Seed Benefit party in Newark,’s long awaited Psychedelic Spore, The Crystal Method CoSM Benefit Party, Celebrate Earth Day, and Psybotik’s Lumenaughty.

Georgia Comes into Her Power

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[Must Not Sleep] • "A lot's gone down since we were separated from each other. For one thing, I came across a very dark project involving humanity's future. The person — or entity, I don't know what to call him — who's at the center of it is the one you called Papa." Episode 14 of the novel Must Not Sleep, a transformative ride through shamanic space.

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