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Karmic Dynamics: Self-Transformation as Service to the Cosmos

We are spiritually marooned as a people who have inherited a socio-cultural system that generates detrimental cognitive modalities and destructive behavioral patternings. Ours is a nation of wounded people abused by a deranged system. We are in the clutches of Lucifer and Ahriman. How has this come to be?

harm reduction

In Pursuit of Safer Highs: Harm Reduction with DanceSafe’s Rachel Clark

Since at least prohibition, anxiety has governed America’s disastrous relationship with substance use. As the 20th century increasingly saw anti-drug sentiment used to fuel moral crusades from “saving the children” to quashing perceived threats against whiteness, “Just Say No” became the mantra of a culture that neither understood addiction nor possessed the language to interrogate …

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Ketamine Therapy Consultation

Are you or a loved one interested in exploring the latest Ketamine therapy treatments? Sign up today for a free consultation + special savings* on services offered at one of these 13 clinics across the US. *All Reality Sandwich readers who inquire via this form will receive $100 off services from Delic-owned clinics across the …

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Meet the Meet Delic Vendors

Meet Delic 2021 was the premiere psychedelic wellness event dedicated to public education and de-stigmatizing the psychedelic conversation for a mainstream audience. Meet Delic brought together a collective of entrepreneurs, health and wellness experts, psychedelics and medicine enthusiasts earlier this year in Las Vegas at AREA15. Meet Delic vendors and keynote speakers helped guests learn …

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psychedelia in the soviet union

Psychedelia in the Soviet Union

Thirty years on from the dissolution of the USSR and its orbital socialist states, the Western world clings tightly as ever to balm Cold War platitudes and beliefs about the drab daily existence forced upon millions of people behind the iron curtain. Though rough-hewn and tightly regimented even by our contemporary standards, was living in …

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kambo scarring and body modification

Kambo Scarring and Body Modification

Everyone is born with a body. A body that will—to the best of its abilities—help manifest the conscious human experience. Throughout time and history, human civilizations engaged in body modification practices as a vehicle for cultural, ceremonial and individual expression. Whether through fashion, makeup or personal aesthetic, people’s ability to control their outward presentation not only …

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