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LSD specialist, William Leonard Pickard was released from prison by way of compassionate release after 20 years due to drug charges.
DMT been damned as the “nightmare hallucinogen” with no medicinal value, or received accolades as the “spirit molecule”, and the brain’s very own psychedelic. The further in you go, the deeper the mystery gets.
Enjoy Bicycle Day with the Spread Magic Experience, a unique LA holistic workshop and rave event.
California sober is a new practice of recovery without full abstinence from psychoactive substances. Find out how this method works for some...
Curious to learn more about LSD? This guide includes comprehensive LSD resources containing books, studies and more.
The psychedelic industry includes a vast arena of possibilities. Get involved in a variety of ways. Our guide has all the info you'll need.
Jackee interviews PsychiatristDr. David Feifel, who provides FDA-cleared TMS and low dose Ketamine infusions as treatments for neuropsychiatric disorders.
Jackee and Dr. Cook chronicle their respective experiences during the COVID-19 epidemic as friends but also as doctor-patient.

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