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Terms and Conditions of Use Welcome to! Please note that our sites (including “” and “”) feature content about psychedelics and other related substances. Psychedelics continue to be evaluated by scientists for medical and mental health applications. However, the manufacture, sale or use of these substances generally remains illegal under U.S. federal law, state …

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Horus Hathor

Ancient Future

The fragmenting of the human image of the divine into gods versus goddesses and consequently masculine versus feminine is a long-standing state of affairs. Within this opposition, the masculine came to dominate, associated increasingly with the sun, or the logical and rational, and the female with the moon, or the emotional and the irrational.


Making Cities Smarter Than Their Bankers

The banking
system encircles and ensnares people, buildings and environments,
defining cities, credit-rating some higher, no matter their quality of
life, infrastructure buffers or exposure. This article explores technologies for smart cities to use the system
to better advantage, through more coherent measures, innovation policies
and incentives for livability.


Plant/Human Symbiosis & the Fall of Humanity: A Talk with Tony Wright

Wright proposes that the accelerating expansion of the neo-cortex was due
to a runaway feedback mechanism driven by our own hormone system in
combination with the complex plant bio-chemistry provided by our diet. What was the effect of flooding our brains
24/7 for thousands of generations with this highly advanced molecular
engineering formula?


The Recovery of the Human

It's possible for a relationship between people that passes through a machine
to avoid being a relationship of compulsion and control, but it takes work. The more that human life
and interactions are defined by machines, the more difficult this tends
to become. It is crucial that we rediscover the possibilities of our own humanity.

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Sacred Economics: Chapter 23, A New Materialism (Pt. 24)

Most of this book has been about money, which is the usual subject of
“economics” today. On a deeper level, though, economics should be about things, specifically the things that human beings create, why they create them, who gets to use them, and how they circulate.


Singularities and Nightmares

Let me offer a
few possibilities about the days lie ahead — changes that may occur within
the next twenty or so years, roughly a single human generation, possibilities
that are taken seriously by some of today's best minds, potential
transformations of life on Earth and, perhaps, even what it means to be

Darwins Pharmacy

The following is excerpted from Darwin’s Pharmacy: Sex, Plants, and the Evolution of the Noösphere, available from University of Washington Press (2011). If we recognize the plant as an autonomous power which enters in order to put roots and flowers in us, then we distance ourselves by several degrees from the skewed perspective which imagines …

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