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I wasted absolutely no time diving into the Mystery of Burning Man upon my return Home.
It’s time to take a good hard look at a type of feminism that, practiced today, only serves to keep us indentured and arrested in our development as women.
The prehistoric foundations of our species’ shamanic activity is filled with evidence that women have been important and active participants in those practices.
These days, most of the popular media that address the future paint a fairly dismal picture of our possibilities. For me it is a writer’s responsibility to hold out some hope.
Once the late ’60s boom in acid culture and acid cinema had dissipated, the psychedelic movie became another component of the fringe and the experimental, something to recur and be revived at intervals, a pattern that continues into the present.
In traditional shamanic societies, healers undergo a rite of passage. Some shamans may experience direct initiation by spirit in forms of intense messages and visions in dreamtime. In 1998, I had a vision that prompted Don José Joaquin Pineda to ask me to become his apprentice.
Ever since his youth William Burroughs had been intrigued by magic and the occult, reading the Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead and Eliphas Levi’s History of Magic while he was at Harvard. Evidently, with his return from the Old World to the New, he had not left such interests behind.
A smattering of otherwise sensible humans have dropped out and followed our hero and his kool aid to Berkeley, where they’ve holed up in a condemned house and have adopted a new style: 24/7 nudity. Meanwhile . . .
Guatemoc looked back over his shoulder and gave Shikotenka a mocking smile. "Behold," he said, "the precious creature has emerged from its burrow. Creep in my tracks if you wish, oh leader of men, the long grass will hide you." Read the third of four selections from the new novel War God.
I watched the incense smoke wander around the room like weightless leaves in the breeze. Then Fernando asked me to close my eyes. I had no idea that my "self" was about to shatter into a million pieces like broken glass.

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