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Daniel Pinchbeck's new book "How Soon Is Now: From Personal Initiation to Global Transformation" is a terrifying yet exhilarating guided tour through what may be the most dangerous case of mass denial in human history.
An interview with Hilario Chiriap, a traditional Ecuadorian shaman from the Shuar tribe, where shamanism is traditionally characterized by rivalry and aggressive confrontations. However, Hilario considers it necessary to collaborate with as many shamans from different South American regions as possible.
For those of us involved with psychedelics, this is a time of unexpected changes, a time of tentative celebration. After decades of winter, the ice is thinning. The warming trends toward legalization; increased religious, medical, and psychotherapeutic use; scientific exploration; and cultural acceptance are encouraging.
Twelve years ago I fell face first into the tutelage of a Zen master named Zephyr. While I’d love to tell you stories of my trials, tribulations, face licks, and cuddles with the great Zephyr, I’d probably be too biased to do him justice. Instead, I’ll step back and let him tell you our story.
In this interview, Reality Sandwich & Evolver co-founder Daniel Pinchbeck discusses the ideas laid out in his new book, "How Soon is Now?" for tackling the impending ecological mega-crisis that threatens all life on earth.
An excerpt from the definitive biography of the controversial occultist Austin Osman Spare, an enfant terrible of the Edwardian art world whose work was both hailed as genius and decried as immoral decadence.
If we can identify the transition or trigger points when the mode of consciousness changes, we can learn to utilize the positive states according to our conscious intention.
Elections, like market fluctuations, are driven by animal spirits, and sometimes the driving animal spirit is a rabid dog.
Animistic perspectives, which hold the cosmos as “a being to whom prayers and offerings are made, who is endowed with understanding, agency and sentience, and responds to the actions of humans,” are often dismissed as primitive, yet this account of a healing within the shamanic traditions of the Native American Church and the vegetalistas of the Peruvian Amazon reminds us of how profound healing can be when it arises from indigenous perception of a sentient, living cosmos.
The 2014 revised edition of The Night Sky completes a nine-book project that began without a blueprint and ran for about thirty-six years while I investigated four main topics—medicine, cosmology, embryology, and consciousness—each from a combination of scientific, anthropological, historical, and esoteric viewpoints. My premise is that science is telling us half or less of what it is doing.

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