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what would happen if we legalize all psychedelics

What Would Happen if We Legalize All Psychedelics?

From the jungles of the Amazon to the desert expanses of the American southwest, indigenous cultures have long harnessed the power of psychedelic substances for their healing and spiritual properties. Today, western cultures are re-investigating the potential benefits of psychedelics, after the decades-long hiatus following the mass illegalization and criminalization of drug use at the …

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what happens when you mix shrooms and weed

What Happens When You Mix Shrooms and Weed?

Separately, psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana present intriguing possibilities to both those dipping their toes into psychedelics, as well as experienced psychonauts seeking to deepen their connections. But, what about mixing the two? Shrooms and weed might be naturally occurring psychedelic substances, but they present unique differences and benefits to anyone looking to experiment. Whether it’s …

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TheSunshineMakers instagram

What Happened to the Psychedelic Revolution?

The Sunshine Makers, my new feature documentary about the 1960s psychedelic revolution, comes out in US theaters on 20th January 2017. That same day, Donald Trump is inaugurated as President of the United States of America…. So what the hell happened to the psychedelic revolution?

220970 ethiopia trees

Make Good Shift Happen

Want to better explore the awesome activities, progressive businesses, and ethical food spots in your city? If you help fund a new Kickstarter campaign, you could get an app for just that in your city. Plus, every time you buy something, you plant a tree.


America is a Place Where Nothing Ever Happens

Richard Linklater’s latest film, Boyhood, follows the character of Mason from the age of six until he arrives at college. This movie is unique in that we see the kids grow up and the parents enter middle age over the 12 years it took shoot the film.


What Really Happened at TED?

The controversy at TED was long, drawn out and confusing. Here is the story told for the first time in narrative form by someone who was at the heart of the contentions over the boundaries of scientific inquiry and the quest for an honest approach to human…