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Unlock the secrets of Psilocybe subaeruginosa: from its habitats to identification. Stay informed on cultivation, potency, and look-alike species.
Want to grow your own mushrooms? Our guide has everything you need to know before buying a mushroom grow kit, including supplies, cost, and reviews.
With scientific evidence showing us DMT in the brain, what can we conclude it is there for? Read on to learn more.
Jackee interviews PsychiatristDr. David Feifel, who provides FDA-cleared TMS and low dose Ketamine infusions as treatments for neuropsychiatric disorders.
Friston and Carhart-Harris created theory how psychedelics create lasting change titled “Relaxed Beliefs Under pSychedelics and the anarchic brain”.
Dr. Cook and Jackee speak about the coronavirus, telemedicine, transcending adversity, and building the determination to walk your own path.
Jackee speaks to board-certified psychiatrist and neuroscientist, Dr. Dave Rabin about touch, safety, boundaries in navigating stress.
This Brad Adams interview is the second in a series of talks between a high school senior and top psychedelic researchers in the field.

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