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Explore the world of Jack Frost mushrooms—learn about their origins, cultivation, effects, and therapeutic potential in our comprehensive guide.
This colorful sound is evocative of a stroll along the beach or through a densely wooded forest. But what benefits does green noise offer? Find out here.
Unlock the secrets of cultivating Panaeolus cinctulus mushrooms. Discover its psychedelic properties, identification tips, and expert growing techniques.
Sacred geometry is all around us. It's in the food we eat, the flowers we pass on a morning walk, and often shows up in psychedelic journeys.
Discover the psychedelic wonders of the Blue Ringer mushroom in our detailed guide. Learn about their potency and dosage and how to identify them in the wild.
Changa is a smoking blend of DMT, ayahuasca vine, and a medley of other herbs. This guide tells you everything you want to know about changa.
Understanding the process behind clinical ayahuasca research can better help audiences interpret the various messages and conclusions of psychedelic studies.
While similar (changa contains DMT), each drug has its own unique effect and feeling. Let's compare and contrast changa vs DMT.
With only firsthand experiences to share, how can we fully map the DMT experience? Let's explore what we know about this powerful psychedelic.
Delic has partnered with celebrated artist Peter Schuyff to create wildly expressive pullover masks. Read our interview with Peter Schuyff.

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