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psychedelics for beginners

Psychedelics for Beginners

It’s always important to go into a psychedelic experience with the right mindset. Knowing the right resources, information on the substance you’re taking, dosages, and common effects will all equip you for a better trip. Mental and physical preparation can also make the experience so much more enlightening, for instance before ayahuasca many partake in …

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nine perfect strangers

Did ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Get Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Right?

This post contains spoiler alerts for Nine Perfect Strangers Based on Liane Moriarty’s book, Nine Perfect Strangers, the show begins with nine strangers gathering to a small, exclusive retreat somewhere in California called Tranquillum, all with one thing on their minds: change. Although every visitor has had different life experiences, they’re drawn to the retreat …

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psychedelic breathwork 1

Holotropic Breathwork: Getting High on Your Own Air Supply

You’ve definitely heard about getting into an altered state by using substances like shrooms and acid, but getting high just by breathing regular ol’ oxygen might be some new information (or not). Developed in the 1970s by Psychiatrist Stanislov Grof, Holotropic Breathwork presents a drug-free way to experience altered states of consciousness through a unique …

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elon musk talks psychedelics

Elon Musk Talks Psychedelics

Should you take psychedelics? That’s definitely a personal choice that should be explored individually and in-depth. Taking psychedelics, whether it’s magic mushrooms or LSD, should be a fun, eye-opening, or growing experience. So, to preface, never take anything you’re not comfortable with and also please refrain from taking anything without doing your research!  Now that …

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how to make bad trips good

How to Make Bad Trips Good

Let’s cut to the chase: Bad trips happen. No matter how positive your intentions are beforehand, whether it’s your first time using psychedelics or you’re an experienced user, bad trips can happen to anyone. But a bad trip doesn’t have to stay bad — there are plenty of ways you can prepare for one or turn …

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