Welcome to the newly expanded Reality Sandwich! We call it RS 2.0.

As you’ll see by clicking around, we’ve added a lot. A stream of timely blog posts, much more video, a Community area where everyone can post, better search tools, improved commenting, and more.

We’re growing because a new wave of consciousness culture is on the rise, and the community needs a better way to stay current with all the activity now taking place. Special thanks to all of you who made pledges during the RS 2.0 Kickstarter campaign, which made this upgrade possible.

If you’re new here, a few words about who we are. Reality Sandwich is a magazine of ideas for the transformational community. We cover subjects like shamanism, non-local consciousness, visionary art, alternative economics, psychedelics, permaculture, transformational festivals, meditation, democratic engagement, near death experiences, and tantra, to name but a few.

Together these topics are the heart of a vibrant new transformational culture that’s addressing the social, spiritual, and ecological crises of our time.

We publish new feature articles daily, M-F, and have since starting in 2007. RS 2.0 introduces a stream of daily consciousness news: links, videos, events, reviews, podcasts, opinions, music, and more. If you want to contribute articles and links, check out “How To Post.”

“Reality Sandwich has, I believe, played a key role in the birthing of the new consciousness that is now manifest in the world… and it has an even greater role to play in the future in guarding and nurturing the growth of that consciousness.”

Graham Hancock, bestselling author

The fact is, we’re making it happen together. Reality Sandwich relies on community participation in so many ways: for content, social media marketing, event coordination, editorial help, media production, and much more. We’re doing this for you and with you.

While Reality Sandwich is available to everyone for free, we rely on a core group of paying supporters — we call them Conscious Agents — to cover expenses and enable us to respond to the community. If what you see here resonates, please consider joining today.

Reality Sandwich is published by Evolver, a mission-driven company dedicated to supporting the advancement of consciousness culture through publishing, learning, and e-commerce. To follow all that Evolver does, please check out our hub site, Evolver.net.

Our office is at:

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