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The 2nd Annual Ayahuasca Monologues

Reality Sandwich, CoSM, & Souldish present…

The 2nd Annual
Ayahuasca Monologues: Tales of the Spirit Vine”

Following on last year’s successful event, we are pleased to present five new visionary stories about ayahuasca, the renowned sacred brew of the
Amazon. For centuries, shamans have drunk this powerful concoction to
heal illness, obtain mystical insights, contact spirit guides, and
explore magical worlds. Hear of experiences both miraculous and
terrifying when Westerners access ayahuasca‘s incredible gifts. Music, dancing, and mingling will follow performance.


Alex Grey: Visionary Artist, Co-Founder of CoSM, Author of The Mission of Art & Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey, Creator of the film ARTmind

Daniel Pinchbeck: Editorial Director of Reality Sandwich, Author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl & Breaking Open the Head: Psychedelics and Contemporary Shamanism

Maxi Cohen: Filmmaker of feature documentaries & shorts:
“Joe and Maxi,” “Seven Women – Seven Sins,” “South Central LA: Inside
Voices,” & “The Holy Give Me”

Manuel Rufino: Ayahuasquero and Healer from Native American traditions.

Adam Elenbaas: Writer/Storyteller, Contributing Editor of Reality Sandwich, completing Fishers of Men, a memoir of ayahuasca journeys in the Peruvian Amazon

Fabian Alsultany: Music Impresario, DJ, Producer, Ritual Connoisseur; GlobeSonic Entertainment, Uprise Consulting, Parashakti’s Dance of Liberation

Hosted by Jonathan Phillips: Community Director of Reality Sandwich, Editor of, Founder of the NY Gnostics & The Electric Jesus Workshops.

Music by Alien Ambassador and Globesonic’s Fabian Alsultany.

Thurs, April 17th
Cosm, 542 W. 27th St. 4th Fl.
Doors 7:30p, Performance 8p, $20 /

Art by Alex Grey:

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