What topics would you like to see for future Visionary Dialogs? Who would you like to see as featured speakers? Please share your ideas.

Upcoming Visionary Dialogs:

  • “What Makes a Shaman Authentic?” with Rak Razam, Hillary Webb, Itzhak Beery, and Margaret de Wys 
 Starts – starts October 17, 2014
  • “Is the Contemporary Occult Different than Occult Era’s Past?” with Gary Lachman, Mitch Horowitz, Pam Grossman, and David Metcalfe 
- November, 2014
  • “What Makes Visionary Art Visionary?” with Neşe Devenot, Robert Tindall, Benton Rooks, Jonathan Zap, and James Oroc -
 December, 2014
  • “Do Psychedelics Prove God Exists?” with Adam Elenbaas, Howard Bloom, The Teafaerie, Thomas B. Roberts, and Reverend Nemu 
- January, 2015