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Manifesting the Rainbow Bridge

While it’s very clear that December 21st this year will be the most internationally recognized date since the millennium, there is less consensus on what we should be focusing our attention towards on this most significant of days. A recent international opinion poll by the survey group IPSOS, revealed that an startling 10% of the world’s population associate this date with ‘the end of the world’, even though that notion is based on discredited and sensationalized ideas.

Certainly, December 21st does represent the end of a 5,125 year-cycle of 13 Baktuns in the Mayan Calendar, but in the Mayan cosmovision, cycle endings are as much moments of rebirth as they are conclusions, or endings. For those who are tuned into the transformative potential of this moment, there is a unique opportunity at hand to create a positive focus that could shift the planetary attention away from fears of destruction and cataclysm and towards what we actually want to create in our world.

In order to accomplish this, the complex significance of this occasion has to be distilled into a message that is as universal and simple as possible. If the positive, transformative meaning of 2012 can be encapsulated in this way, there is the possibility that this might be able to piggyback the ‘meme’ of planetary destruction on December 21st and reach the masses of humanity. More significantly, as we now know from the research done by groups like the Global Coherence Initiative, the Global Consciousness Project and the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the attention of synchronized and focused groups placed on positive ideas and their representative symbolic images, such as ‘love’ and ‘peace’, create significant effects that are objectively measurable. A small group of coherent individuals joined in a positive focus, far outweigh the impact of much larger groups that are in dissonance. So on what, and when, should we be focusing our attentions upon on December 21st, 2012?


The Transformative Vision of 2012

In the same way that the ‘end of the world’ theory of 2012 can be tracked back to its origin point in Michael Coe’s 1966 book, The Maya, the origin point of the idea that 2012 might represented a consciousness shift and global transformation can be tracked back to Jose Arguelles 1975 book, The Transformative Vision. Although, this idea is only mentioned in passing there, Argüelles 1987 book, The Mayan Factor and his role in calling for the Harmonic Convergence of August 11-13th 1987  (a global grassroots gathering of people all around the world at sacred sites to celebrate the completion of a prophetic cycle in the Aztec calendar that could be seen as the ‘trial run’ for 2012) cemented his role as the pioneering visionary of the ‘2012’ movement.

Arguelles went on to develop the 13 Moon Calendar and Dreamspell program, courting controversy along the way for his less than literal interpretation of the Mayan Calendar system. This work then became the basis of a complex meditation and visualization system designed to increase telepathy and to work towards the actualization of the ‘noosphere’ — a planetized unification of telepathic human consciousness integrated with the biosphere. The relevance of this to December 21st is that despite the complexity of his extensive writings, Arguelles distilled this whole program into a single image: a rainbow around the Earth. The ‘Rainbow Bridge’ is an image that incorporates the potency of the first photograph of the whole Earth from space, with the most universal symbol of the fundamental unity of humanity. A combination that perfectly summarises the goal and intention of a global species coming toward recognition of itself in its essential oneness. As such, it is the perfect icon and visual focus for such a planetary harmonic convergence.

To visualize the Rainbow Bridge around the Earth, imagine the sphere of our planet turning within a static circumpolar rainbow that is pinched in towards the poles. For a further introduction to the basic concept of the Rainbow Bridge, please go to, where it’s also posible to download images.

There is no necessity to learn the more complex elements of the visualization that the more practised adherents of the 13 Moon Calendar system will be adding. (For more information about this, you can go to where there is a list of dates that Rainbow Bridge meditations will be held on, beginning on the ‘Day Out Of Time’ this July 25th and concluding on December 21st). Nor is it necessary to believe in the Arguelles’ interpretation of the Mayan calendar system. The only requirement to participate is a desire and intention to focus on as positive as possible an image in a shared global meditation at a key date in our planetary history.

For the rational sceptics who dismiss the idea of a Rainbow Bridge around the Earth as a physical impossibility, the scope of this article isn’t sufficient to address that here and a suspension of disbelief is required. However, the physics of plasma and its relationship to consciousness, the entrainment between human brainwaves and the Schumann frequencies of the planet and other subjects that might leverage that position slightly more open are discussed at length in three chapters of my book, The Everything Guide to 2012.

The Moment Of Peace

Another remarkable aspect of the end of this 5,125-year cycle is that because it falls on a solstice, not only can we specify a single day to focus on, we can also specify a single moment: the moment of solstice. This falls at 11:11am Universal Time/GMT and to mark that occasion, Peace2012 are calling for a globally synchronized ‘Moment Of Peace’ at the exact point of solstice. (More information can be found at and Peace2012 are also working on anchoring this celebration and meditation focus into public events at Stonehenge, Teotihuacán and other locations where indigenous elders are inviting those who wish to mark this moment of global significance to join them in ceremony.

The strongest results recorded for the focus of shared intention are when the intention is shared simultaneously. The possibility exists at the ‘Moment Of Peace’ to silently visualize the Rainbow Bridge and connect with all the other people gathered at that point in a literal and symbolic act of planetary unification. At the very least, if enough coherent people join in, it will mitigate the effects of the unconscious and fear-based focus that is generated by those are anticipating, or expecting, global cataclysm, or earth changes. It is certainly the best shot that an awakening global population has of galvanising its shared attention into one single moment. The redeeming quality of the 2012 meme is that despite aspects of its outwardly negative focus, it has captured the attention and imagination of an unprecedented number of people. Whether we like it, or not, ‘2012’ is ‘out there’. So much so that the IPSOS poll fund that a remarkable 20% of those it questioned in China — a country not exactly previously considered a hotbed of speculation about the Mayan Calendar — thought that it was the ‘end of the world’. This pervasiveness of this idea may be because intuitive and subconscious forces are at work in the human collective imagination, but it may also be testimony to the power of the Hollywood myth-making machine.

Whatever ‘2012’ is, it is foremost an opportunity. It may be a cosmic coincidence that the world is at such a fundamental crisis point at this time, or it may be as Arguelles’ visioned in The Mayan Factor, that as the 13 baktun cycle ends, we are turning the final page on the book of a 5,125 paged cliff-hanger called ‘History’. Either way, ‘2012’ will still be what we make it, so why not make it as positive as it possibly can be? Join in visualizing the Rainbow Bridge this December 21st at 11:11am UT on the Moment Of Peace. Consider the whole exercise as a giant intention experiment. At the very least, it will be a pleasant and uplifting mediation, at it’s very best, it might just be the birth moment of planet with a beautiful rainbow around it and a new species called Homo Telepathicus.

An excellent introduction to the 2012 circumpolar rainbow bridge is at

To learn about rainbow science see “Charming the Rainbow Serpent” at

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