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Conscious Agents receive benefits that enhance the RS experience, so you can connect in more ways with today’s most inspiring and visionary writers and activists.
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Visionary Dialogs Each month we gather knowledgeable and passionate RS authors to discuss burning questions — and you can take part! It kicks off with a live, interactive video webinar, then moves to an online forum for 4 weeks of engaged discussion led by that month’s featured speakers. Upcoming Visionary Dialogs:

  • What Makes a Shaman Authentic? with Rak Razam, Itzhak Beery, Elizabeth B. Jenkins, and Robert Tindall 
     Starts October 20, 2014 (Learn more [icon-arrow-right])
  • Is the Contemporary Occult Different than Occult Era’s Past? with Gary Lachman, Mitch Horowitz, Pam Grossman, and David Metcalfe
     November 17, 2014 (Learn more [icon-arrow-right])
  • What Makes Visionary Art Visionary? with Neşe Devenot, Robert Tindall, Benton Rooks, Jonathan Zap, and James Oroc
     December, 2014 (Learn more [icon-arrow-right])
  • Do Psychedelics Prove God Exists? with Adam Elenbaas, Howard Bloom, The Teafaerie, Thomas B. Roberts, and Reverend Nemu
     January, 2015 (Learn more [icon-arrow-right])

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The Fora

  • Participate in our new community forum where you can interact with other Conscious Agents and RS authors.
  • 4 weeks of engaged discussion after each Visionary Dialog led by that month’s featured speakers.
  • Give voice to the new transformational culture that is shaping our collective future

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[larger class=”dark-blue”]Author Podcasts[/larger] Listen to your favorite Reality Sandwich authors reading their articles while you drive, bike, jog or lounge on your couch. Download a new article MP3 each week, and get access to the complete archives. Recently added:

  • Dr. Jim Carpenter reads “Discovering Parapsychology”
  • John David Ebert reads “On Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman”
  • Adam Elenbaas reads “Jungle. Star. Medicine: Astrology at the Edge of Consciousness”
  • The Teafaerie reads “Coming Out”

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“Reality Sandwich has, I believe, played a key role in the birthing of the new consciousness that is now manifest in the world… and it has an even greater role to play in the future….”
Graham Hancock, bestselling author
[h2]The Future[/h2]
Each weekday Reality Sandwich publishes Longform essays and interviews by the most informed and provocative visionaries in transformational culture. In recent months, with your help, we’ve launched a new, state-of-the-art website, and introduced the Stream of timely consciousness news, videos and podcasts. Your paid subscription covers our expenses and enables us to add exciting new features. In the coming months you’ll see:

  • Community calendar of consciousness events
  • Improved commenting system
  • Upgrades to the Community section
  • Discussion forum

Become a Conscious Agent today! Your participation makes a difference.
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Special Offer! The first 100 people who join for the annual price of $50 receive a free pass to one Evolver Learning Lab course between now and July, 2015 (a $129 value)! Recent course hosts have been John Perkins, Dennis McKenna, Alberto Villoldo, and MAPS. Upcoming courses include:

  • “Raise Your Vibration,” hosted by Paul Selig, with special guests Charles Eisenstein, Mitch Horowitz, Jeffrey Kripal, and Victoria Nelson – October 2014
  • “Sleep Paralysis as Spiritual Initiation,” hosted by Ryan Hurd – October 2014
  • More to be announced soon

[h2 color=”pink”]Become a Conscious Agent[/h2]

To subscribe as a Conscious Agent, you must first login or signup.

“We’re living in a time of great transformation, and no publication charts this change — where it matters most — better than Reality Sandwich.”

– John Perkins, bestselling author