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The People’s Wall Street

Hundreds of people have been occupying Liberty Plaza, a park at the heart of Wall Street, NYC, since 9/17 in order to build, "the world that we want to see, based on human need and sustainability, not corporate greed."

The action, "OccupyWallStreet" grew organically online–crowd sourcing its plan to occupy the street.  The fact that there is no centralized leadership has puzzled the police, who have nevertheless closed in using aggressive tactics in an attempt to move the protestors, many of whom set-up tents on the street.  There are reports of over $8000 in donations being given to the occupiers–including the delivery of pizza and gifted sleeping bags and blankets.

According to the site the group aligns itself with recent uprisings around the world:

"Like our brothers and sisters in Egypt, Greece, Spain, and Iceland, we plan to use the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic of mass occupation to restore democracy in America. We also encourage the use of nonviolence to achieve our ends and maximize the safety of all participants." 

Watch the story unfold live:


Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at



Image by Adbusters.

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