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Peru Protects Ayahuasca

This past week marks the end of a year-long debate and a major victory regarding ayahuasca shamanism and ayahuasca medicine practices in Peru. For the past year the Peruvian government was deciding whether or not to regulate the medicinal use of Ayahuasca and the practices of the curanderos and Ayahuasqueros.

The bill that was finally passed declared ayahuasca shamanism and ayahuasca medicine practices to be a culturally protected “patrimony.”

The number of world travelers migrating to Peru for ayahuasca retreats for healing has grown exponentially over the past two decades, and it marks a major cultural victory, not only for the indigenous Peruvian tradition, but for the entire planet.

The Peruvian government was moved by hundreds of letters from world citizens and visitors testifying to the miraculous healing properties of ayahuasca and to the tremendous sensitivity and expertise of Peru’s indigenous ayahuasca shamans.

Creative Commons Image: “Yaga while Brewing” by jdrorer on Flickr

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