Reality Sandwich is dedicated to creating a web platform that encourages dynamic thought, lively discussion, and vibrant self-expression for our diverse community. In order to ensure that everybody’s voices are heard in a fair manner, we ask that you follow the basic guidelines listed below.

Be Respectful
Find ways to share information, offer opinions, and — when it happens — disagree respectfully. If your behavior is offensive to others, Reality Sandwich reserves the right to delete your posts and/or ban you from the site. Harassing or threatening other members will not be tolerated.
Keep It Clean
Reality Sandwich discourages the use of profanity or obscenities on the site.  There are other interesting ways of expressing your thoughts and we also want the kiddies to check out what we’re up to.
No Yelling
Using all capital letters in a post is considered “yelling” online. Shouting doesn’t give more substance to what you’re posting, so please keep the voice down when posting.
No Spam
Reality Sandwich is a community of people collaborating to make a better world. It is not a place for hawking wares.
Stay on Topic
Reality Sandwich is a forum for exploring the range of transformational culture, so please post about topics that are relevant to the community’s shared interests. Refrain from putting up irrelevant public gestures or extraneous “comments graffiti” when creating posts or commenting on posts.
Help Us Build a Self-monitoring Community
A “flag” is available at the top right of every article, comment and teaser on Reality Sandwich.  Please use the “flag” to alert the Reality Sandwich crew of any material that violates our Posting Guidelines or the Terms and Conditions of use, or is otherwise inappropriate.
Pause Before Sending
If you feel strongly about a topic, take some time to consider your words carefully, and then post or respond respectfully. Be constructive and offer others your thoughts, ideas, and experiences, rather than using sarcastic or belittling language.
Respect Private Emails
Emails from other registered users of the site, or from the Reality Sandwich editorial team, are private and should not be posted publicly without approval from the person who sent the email.