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We have entered a time prophesied by many cultures for shapeshifting into higher consciousness. Polynesian shamans shapeshift through oceans, Amazon warriors transform into anacondas, Andean birdpeople and Tibetan monks bilocate across mountains. These shamans have taught John Perkins that shapeshifting — the ability to alter form at will — can be used to create a new reality, techniques that are particularly useful during this time of planetary crisis.

Shapeshifting is the ability to use energy to shift into the form you want or need to be. It can happen on multiple levels: physical, psychological, emotional, or institutional. John acquired this wisdom over the past 40 years, from shamans and elder teachers from cultures around the world. In our next Evolver Intensives series, "Shapeshifting Strategies for Positive Change," John will help you integrate this wisdom into your own life. Joining him are some of his close friends — inspirational change agents who will share their own experiences: economist David Korten, Social Entrepreneur Scott James, and mystic enviromentalist, Llyn Roberts. They will talk about their own personal journeys, and how to create societies that nurture our higher order capacities for compassion, sharing, and commitment to the well-being of all. In this time of transition, shapeshifting offers a powerful opportunity for you to actualize your full potential, and in the process, contribute to positive change in society.

In this course, John and his guests will show you how to shapeshift into your own higher purpose. During each session, John will take you on a guided journey, applying these remarkable shapeshifting strategies through a process you can repeat at home and use in your own life:

• Identity and empower your mission, the goal you want to achieve in life.
• Break through barriers that are keeping you from achieving your higher purpose
• Learn to realize your mission, manifesting your dream, and materializing your higher purpose, including a powerful Tibetan technique for making this happen.

It all starts on Saturday, September 17th. To learn more, visit:

Evolver Social Movement members will receive a special discount in a separate mailing. For more about the Evolver Social Movement, please click here:

Evolver Intensives are a project of the Prophets Conference and Reality Sandwich.


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