In simple words, home staging means readying your house for sale. A lot of importance is given to presenting it in its best form, so that it attracts the most number of people. However, there is a difference between preparing the house for selling, and staging a house. For instance, plumbing repairs do not come under staging. You should see your house from a buyer's point of view and make changes and modifications accordingly. Selling a house is not a tough task, but selling it at the highest possible price, whilst keeping the buyer satisfied, can be difficult. 1. Uncluttering If you hire a professional stager, the first thing he will ask you to do is unclutter the house. Simply cleaning it is not enough. You have to unclutter every corner, shelf, and cupboard. The first rule of uncluttering is reducing the number of objects in the house. So get rid of extra chairs, books, DVDs, and even the extra cutlery in the kitchen. You can donate these things to a charity if you are not sure what to do with them.2. The Outside Counts No matter how uncluttered and pleasant your home may be on the inside, the first impression will still be made by how it looks on the outside. If landscaping seems like a costly option, you can simply mow the lawn and clean the doors and windows. Also, do not forget to clean the garage as well.3. Make it Neutral When your potential buyer is looking around the house, he is imagining himself living there. However, if it is filled with your personal things, he will feel like a guest in your home. Hence, clear all the family pictures and anything that indicates your and your family members' distinct presence there.4. Leaks and Creaks When someone wishes to buy a house, they look through every nook and cranny. Hence, check if there are any leaks anywhere in the house, or if the paint is coming off on any wall that is usually hidden from plain view. Get all these repaired.5. Remove Paintings or Wall Pieces If there is a painting or wall piece with a very heavy color scheme, take it down. To create a pleasant feeling in the house, hang up paintings with simple, soft colors.6. The Floors A worn carpet or creaking hardwood flooring are major turn offs. Repair the floor and spread a new carpet.7. Let Some Air In If you have moved into your new house, then you should try and take some time to open the doors and windows of your old house for a few hours everyday. This will ensure air circulation through the house and prevent it from getting stuffy and musty.8. Best Foot Forward Make your prospective buyer see what you saw in the house when your bought it. Accentuate all the good features about your house and make sure that the buyer notices them.9.Clean Some More You have to keep the whole house spotless at all times. This will lend a good feeling to the place. Look at the importance of this aspect from a buyer's point of view. 10. When the Buyer Arrives Remember the following pointers when the buyer comes to look at the house―do not follow him around everywhere, do not play very loud music, and do not try too hard to make the sale. Along with the above mentioned tips, you can find many more things to better the appearance of your house before selling it. Home staging is a very interesting field― and you can even take a certification course in this. repipe