Learning how to do SEO or search engine optimization is one of the key skills you can ascertain in life. Business Owners ask me all the time about what search engine optimization actually is and how I learned the workmanship. And I tell them, you are able to read virtually any business knowledge if you focus on one thing that you love to do – and do it every day . "How To Do SEO" is the essential search engine optimization factors post that are necessary as your daily cite template. The Most Invaluable Online Marketing Skill in the World Obviously, this excludes vocations where you need to work for someone else, position required, or cater a service in specific industries such as health, legal, and maybe information technology – such as a doctor, advocate, judge, public servant. To me SEO, is like being the doctor of the internet or the chiropractor of the search engines. Because let's face reality, when you are able to learn how to ranking websites of all the businesses in the English speaking world, then you have a really powerful skill set that can truly explode the revenue and profit capability of any small to huge business. It's better than being a doctor or surgeon because I don't have to worry about people's health and dealing here beings legally and personally where their health and lives are being decided in the balance. Not to mention I wouldn't have to deal with the infectious and overbearing pharmaceutical companies who "control the world's health industry" by forcing all their drug down the throats of the public and medical industries. With that being said, discovering how to do search engine optimization is the key to the search engine niche – especially with Google since they dominate the search industry over Bing and Yahoo, at about 75%, which fluctuates up and down a bit each year. The minute you want to make the decision, like these specific specimens, to have a career or activity like the ones I just mentioned, as to report to having a specific skill that you could possibly get certified and more importantly hear yourself is the most valuable. For example, formerly you hear the basics about how to rank websites or cope social media or design websites, then you can easily go online and get your first client. From there you'll be able to build your own business as an entrepreneur. Now that you've heard this introduction about how to do SEO as your potential occupation with your own business as an entrepreneur – it's time to learn the ins-and-outs of what search engine optimization really can do so you can understand how to do search engine optimization and help business owners have great success. 5 Key Factors for How To Do SEO Page One Rankings # 1 SEO Ranking Factor- Keyword Research Tools The primary SEO ranking factor for websites has to do with keyword research. If your keyword research isn't up to speck, then you won't be able to get rankings for much of anything on the search engines. It's all about selecting the best possible keywords for your niche and online business as the major SEO ranking factor, for WordPress as an example. In a perfect situation, you should select a primary keyword for a city SEO niche or category that has a minimum of 30 rummages per month. In the next perfect scenario, you should select a primary keyword for nation wide or global niche that has a minimum of 500 searches per month. With that in your brain, keep being aware of that once you get traction on any keyword, it will automatically filter into all of it's related keywords to some guideline. What does that actually mean for your SEO results? It is necessary that you are able to get amazingly long term results for multiple longtail keywords from grading one primary keyword – over the long term SEO campaign that you run for it. And I use WordPress as the primary Content Management System because a majority of the websites online have been created with WordPress CMS platform. WordPress has a very flowing Content Management System which is widely used around the world, because it's not only easy to use and configure, but it also has a huge database of free plugins and themes that you can access at Some good keyword research tools that I use include but are not limited to the following list. Top 7 Keyword Research Tools to Use to Facilitate Page One Google Rankings 1. Google Keyword Planner 2. Market Samurai 3. Keyword Finder 4. SEO Commander 5. Uber Suggest 6. SERPS 7. MOZ Explorer Learning how to do search engine optimization for your business can be a daunting exercise so if you need help with ranking your website on page one of Google, then contact us at now. how to do search engine optimization, how to do seo